This Life

This¬†life isn’t fair
is it really a crime to feel too much?
for he was sentenced to death.

He with a noble heart and too much to offer.
With a noble heart and nowhere to start.

Released from the pain, dust in the wind.
for death was his friend,  his life only a dream.

May you rest in peace my friend, may you spread your wings
May rest your head where the dark won’t reach.

Gone too soon brother, but forever free.

This life,
it isn’t what I imagined,
not what I expected,
not what I wanted.

rest in peace.



A picture comes before me,
everything sleeps.

She becomes the object,
my lost desire.

sucked by the undertow again.

what would we not give to return to it?

Further back than our thoughts dare to go.

Table for two

Let it flow slowly
waste away, like an old memory
we fade.

Don’t run away love,
tonight I will change and
there’s a table for two.

On this dessert road, there’s
no more destruction now,
we’ve reached the lake.

I call your name and join me
in these timeless sessions
the most pure sensation,
that is traveling through space,

with you.